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Dunamis Degrees Accreditation Association

Becoming a Free Member and Types of Accreditation

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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization. You know who you are-- Our members and their students need your input, power, influence and love for the cause..

Make your own choice of Accreditation and help us to develop Quality- Accreditation Globally:

Choose between 7 options or steps for accreditation and membership:

Step One or Option 1. - DDAA -General Membership is free.

Free Membership means we may advice you but you might have something positive to say to us and other members as well. We are working toward a mutual understanding among nations of the world. United we grow to become a force- to be recognized globally. Within one Month, since we started this association- we have communication with more than 1200 Universities, Schools and Colleges in America alone. Our next outreach will be Europe, Asia ,Australia and Africa. Our members from NWMDIU already have communication with the former Registrar of the Wessex College in the UK, Learning Through Cooperation, University of London and Scottish Churches of Industrial Mission.

Ministers of Education with an International Vision may join us as well to assist or advice Institutions and our students to improve their standards and qualifications and open the world of education to more countries around the world. We do welcome recognition by governments that can be a means to help us to be accepted in academic circles but we prefer to be a Non Governmental Accreditation Association in the world of education and community empowerment. It would not be acceptable for one government to enforce their own local accreditation regulations- without consideration of other governments and cultures, religions and developing countries around the world. DDAA is prepared to listen to recommendations in this regard. 

We do respect the Minister of Education 

(Minister: N. Pandor)

  South Africa because development and training is a priority in our country.

Together we will succeed to become a global country of education ...

Free Membership valid for 1 Year. Membership may be renewed every year- ( Donations or Life membership from NWMDIU Alumni ($250 or R1500 or 150 British Sterling Pounds) means life membership within DDAA as well.) Names of members and ministers of education will be listed as partners in International accreditation- on our web site soon..

Step 2 or Option 2. - DDAA Candidate Accreditation fee= $200 or 110 British Pounds or R1200 With Application -to receive Immediate Candidate Status. Registration of your students may already begin with Candidate status. Candidate Status is valid for 12 Months. Within this period we might advice you to improve your material or Institution and upgrade - to International Standards. You will receive Certification for your Institution and Study Programmes for this period immediately. Your status will be listed on our website immediately as well. If for any reason your application is turned down your Application fee will be returned.

Option 3.- DDAA- 2 Years Accreditation of Your Institution, curriculum, Course material and study programmes =$580 or R3500 South African Rand or 310 British Pounds. (Without Inspection or Teachers Certification)

Option 4. - If you don't have a proper web site you might require a On-site Inspection by DDAA or NWMDIU Inspectors = $1000 or 550 British Pounds or R4000 (South African Inspection only) for Accreditation of your Institution. If we ask for changes to be made during this inspection, you will have enough time and even make your own suggestions if possible. The main purpose of the inspection is to help you. The Inspection is reasonable, taking everything into consideration like the number of students, cultures, traditions and financial status of the Institution. Valid for 3 Years.

Option 5.- DDAA Teachers Certification only available if your Institution received Accreditation from DDAA.=$25 or 15 British Pounds or R150 for each teacher. Valid for 1 Year.

Option 6.- Full on-site inspection, traveling and International Accreditation. From application (candidate – Status-) to Curriculum evaluation and Study Courses and policy recommendations to Teachers certification and the Accreditation of your School or Institution amounts to around $2000 or 1090 British Pounds or R8000 for Quality Accreditation-

Quality International Accreditation is valid for 3 years but we need to know about any changes within this 3 year period that might effect your status.

If you have a web-site with sufficient information you might not need a on-site Inspection.

In this case the -

Option 7.- TOTAL COST OF DDAA QUALITY INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION IS ONLY $640 OR 350 BRITISH POUNDS OR R3850 Without on-site inspection. In this case we need as much information from you as possible. You receive the International Accreditation Certificate with official International embrocation ed seal for Your Institution, International Accreditation of your study programmes plus certification for 2 of your teachers. Valid for 2 Years and your Name and URL link will be listed on our website as well.

Cash Transfers to ABSA BANK Kroonstad South Africa Account Name: Prof. Louis Mathys De Bruin Account Number: 9133 758 032

Send Deposit Slip or Postal Money Order to South Africa-  send together with your names to:

P.O. Box 2424 Kroonstad 9500 South Africa.

Application to:-

(Please don't send e-mails, we only open our

e-mails once a Month.) 

Office at : River University- Kroonstad 9500 South Africa.

Cell. Prof. Louis M. De Bruin 072 127 4327

Who Can Join? Academics, student- leaders with a vision for development and empowerment of global students, from abroad. Sorry we don,t allow any person from SAQA to join us until they change their International attitude ..
Ministers of Education may NOT join us if they don't adopt UNESCO standards or break down restrictions for Global opportunities.
Dr. Ralph Young from IUAA and VUAA did a great job, without any compensation . Countries- governments  are to blame for his discontinuation of services to the loss of innocent, hard working students?

We invite anybody interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join. Members must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and make a difference in the organization.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are close friends  Of course we also have a common interest, Accreditation of courses, teachers and our own Institutions and we hope to further our cause.
The first step is to join us and become a member.. FREE.
(Accreditation fees available: Contact us Cell. 072 127 4327 South Africa)

How Can You Join? This is the first step for Accreditation of your Institution, Teachers or Courses. Join us for free. Donations welcome. The next step is to complete the Application form and pay the accreditation fees. Make your own choices of accreditation. You may apply for Accreditation of your School and/ or your study programmes only. You may also apply for Teachers Certification if your Institution received accreditation from DDAA or NWMDIU 

To join we need a completed application and membership donation if you are interested to help us grow. Accreditation dues for the first year according to the choices you make. Please contact us for more information and a copy of the application.

Quality Development Never Ends